Our Story

Someone had to hold up the Leaning Tower in 2022! 
Who knew in 1965 when we decided to purchase a Scottie puppy (named Robbie) that it would lead us to the collectibles business some 30 years later? What a fun journey it's been with all of our Scotties through the years!
Corder was in Medical School at UW and I was teaching French at Denny Junior High School in West Seattle, when we decided that we needed a dog. We were too poor to purchase the AKC breed book, so we would go to the University Book Store every night and look at the photos of Terriers. In August, we were in Idaho visiting our families and told my Dad that we had decided we wanted a Scottish Terrier. He looked at the Sunday Idaho Statesman and mentioned that a lady had some Scottie puppies. We called her, got directions and went to look at her puppies. Of course, we came home with Robbie.
We started collecting Scottie antiques everywhere we lived - Seattle, Oakland, Japan, Charleston, Virginia and Delaware. 
At a wholesale show in 1995, I saw a lot of cute Scottie products that no one was selling. I purchased some items, advertised them and never looked back.
This has always been a mostly "Mom" business with help from a few Campbell Elves at Christmas. I don't have a brick-and-mortar store. As e-commerce continues to grow - it helps us reach Scottie and Westie lovers everywhere.
 It was our little Robbie who brought us to all of this. Our Scotties have given us so much love and led our lives down paths we never could have imaged in 1965. 
---Karen Campbell